Cloud Quest Slot: Play’n GO with role-playing adventure on reels

  • by Lonnie

Cloud Quest is the new adventure slot with role-playing elements from Play’n GO, the Swedish game forge, which also scored a direct hit with Tower Quest. But first of all: Tower Quest will keep you in front of the screen for hours, we can guarantee that! The motivation to reach level five and become the hero of the game is gigantic. And of course heroes in Cloud Quest will be richly rewarded for their deeds!

Not unintentionally this slot machine reminds us of the legendary Final Fantasy series. The intro is designed in wonderful Japanese manga style and lets the player unconsciously open his arms to welcome Cloud Quest. The design is simply fantastic, so we’re not surprised why this groundbreaking slot machine has been at the top of online casinos since its release.

In the game, you’ll be enwrapped by the wonderful graphics, while the sound effects will completely captivate you in this adventure above the clouds. With the interesting bonus features of the game, the stylish design of the icons and the role-playing loans, Cloud Quest has convinced us and we would be surprised if the same wouldn’t happen to you.

Technical features

Cloud Quest takes an unusual approach to slot machine design. There are 5 reels, all with 5 symbols. To win, you need pairs of three, which can form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. You can imagine the principle in the same way as in Microsoft’s classic Tetris. Another feature that both games share is the removal of winning symbols. In Cloud Quest, the symbols above fall into the gaps that are created. Everything is much easier than it sounds here.

Play’n GO attaches great importance to the support of mobile phones. This allows you to play Cloud Quest wherever you have Internet access with your smartphone. A cheer for the opportunity to increase your level during the opera performance!

Graphically, Cloud Quest is beyond doubt. Razor-sharp animations and effects make for an intense gaming experience, because that’s exactly how a manga-style game should be. The hero to the left of the actual slot machine gives his individual moves to the best, if there is a noteworthy event on the playing field. Just like the linesman at the edge of the pitch.

Cloud Quest allows you to play from as little as €0.10 per round, despite the large playing field. Play’n GO allows a maximum bet of over €40. This makes this slot machine interesting for everyone, but professional players with a high budget might not be able to make the maximum bet. Without leaning too far out of the window, this is the biggest criticism of an otherwise almost perfect slot machine!

bonuses and winnings

Of course, such an excellent slot machine also includes strong bonuses and extras. And you will hardly believe it, but Cloud Quest convinces all along the line! It all starts with the innovative symbol substitution feature. After a win, the winning symbols are removed and the symbol in the middle of the winning combination is replaced by a Wild symbol. Since the other symbols around the Wild symbol fall down from a row further up, new winnings can be created.

In addition, there is a kind of Wheel of Fortune that is started after a win. The more Wild symbols the player receives by winning a round, the greater the chance that the Wheel of Fortune will stop at a favorable position for you. Then one of three possible bonus features is selected and a free spin is played. How about an x5 multiplier? No problem, it’s not that hard to get! With this so-called Superpower you are able to win up to 20.000.

But the real star of this slot machine is the bonus game where you compete with your hero against all sorts of monsters. In a card game, similar to Tower Quest, you have to defeat your opponents to gain experience points. So you increase the level of your hero and enjoy all the benefits of a real VIP!