Forsaken Kingdom Slot – Rabcat invites you to join the Knights of the Round Table

  • by Lonnie

Exactly like “Castle Builder”, which also comes from the house Rabcat, “Forsaken Kingdom” also deals with past times and noble knights. But it’s much darker and the graphics are less comic-like than Rabcat’s bestseller. “Forsaken Kingdom” takes the player back in time with dark castles, coarse knights, magical swords stuck in rocks and mystical symbols. Not only the sword in the stone is from the King Arthur saga, but also the other features of the game strive the ancient legend. Not only since HBO you can inspire people with knights, battles and armour. So, get on your horse and start riding! Let’s take a look at what Rabcat has produced.

Technical features

The entire appearance of “Forsaken Kingdom” comes across as a kind of mythologically transfigured Middle Ages. There are five reels and 20 paylines, so far so common. The reels are framed by a kind of rocky landscape and on the left, next to a sword in a stone, there is a massive King Arthur, who alternately looks waiting or bored, scratches his head, but as soon as the player wins, he gives a battle cry! The graphics are very good, as you would expect from Rabcat, and show a love of detail.

The symbols on the reels are thematically appropriate: iron shields, letters like from a handwritten monastery book, a knight, camelot, a black knight (the ogre of the game) and rocks.

The bet can be chosen between 0.20 € and up to 20 €. Enough leeway to estimate your own risk. But the one or other player aka Knight will probably whistle at the risk and courageously go into the winning battle. To calm the mobile knights: You can also play “Forsaken Kingdom” on mobile devices. Thus nothing stands more in the way of the next crusade!

bonuses and profits

The strength of the play lies in the almost infinite possibilities of clearing smaller and larger profits! Rabcat did not save at chances of winning and thus there is always the possibility the straight running luck strand to use! Of course the game has a “wild” symbol, in this case it is the Lady Guinevere, who likes to suddenly appear on reel number 3 and give the player new chances! If the symbol combination is favourable, the “wild” symbol will even spread. If you have two or more shield combinations, the table round (the bonus round) appears. While you are playing at the round table, there are increased chances for the multiplier. But even in normal game mode “Forsaken Kingdom” is not stingy with free spins. Depending on how many scatter symbols you hit, you get up to 12 free spins. These are then announced by King Arthur by drawing the sword out of the stone. The only disadvantage is that there is no multiplier during the free spins. But that doesn’t bother you, because the many extras can quickly generate winnings. If you manage that King Arthur appears next to Lady Guinevere or the Black Knight, there is an immediate win!