Grim Muerto Slot: Play’n GO puts super bonuses in the funeral party

  • by Lonnie

Grim Muerto is the newest slot machine from Mobile Gaming Specialist Play’n GO. As was to be expected, this is a video slot that impresses with its appealing graphics and authentic design. But if you remember your experiences with Play’n GO, how positive are your thoughts? Or is there just a big hole where there should be a memory? Although the developer of casino software has recently produced very good titles, we have never been 100% convinced. But this time it’s enough?

If you’ve never been to Mexico before, you probably won’t know Mexico’s traditional brass music, at least not by name. El Mariachi is its name, the Spanish version of the folk music and it is now performed by the nice Mariachis in Grom Muerto! Sounds exciting and at first glance it is. But can the slot machine withstand the critical eyes of our editors?

Technical features

Grim Muerto is a slot machine with 5 reels and 3 symbols each. So far so good, because this is the standard structure of any slot machine, which is rarely broken by some courageous developers. They have all the tools and functions you’ll find in a slot machine. You can choose the bets as you wish, but with €100 bets, the maximum is really reached. If you want to play with more, you can play Grim Muerto in parallel on your desktop and smartphone.

Of course, Grim Muerto is a slot machine that you have to interpret with a wink. The macabre slot machine with skulls, skeleton musicians, roses and hearts is a celebration of oppositeness that gives the whole a mood of its own. Perhaps most comparable to Guns N’ Roses, the great NetEnt Rocks slot machine that we all still have in good memory.

The appearance of the slot machine is technically very mature, but still draws on the proven design principles of slot machines. In fact, the symbols are set in a kind of frame that holds the whole thing together. Beautiful animations of the Mariachis make clear to the player: This is a fiery video slot with sharp sounds!

bonuses and winnings

This is where Grim Muerto begins to become really interesting. Do you already know Marco? Marco Siniestro? We didn’t know him either, but now it turns out that in each round he selects a role on which the Wild symbol spreads over the complete role. So the Marco offers the game a place to sleep. Very hospitable, these Mexicans!

In love you rarely get a second chance, but with Grim Muerto you forgive with pleasure! Simply choose a mariachi and the hidden win will be revealed. Just like that, without you having to do anything for it!

Of course Grim Muerto also has free spins. You can imagine them like a round of Tequila on the house, only that the joy about the free spins is even greater. The best thing about it? While the free spins are active, up to five, but at least two roles are selected on which a game can spread. In addition, more free spins can be won when the re-trigger free spins icon appears.

Mariachis are not only there to make music, no, in fact, they also have a very useful function for the player. On the one hand they are worth up to 700 coins, on the other hand one of the four Mariachis goes wild in the free spins! So two different wild symbols can occur at the same time!

We are really impressed by Grim Muerto. Especially the natural integration of the Mariachis makes for a gaming experience that will be remembered every time we see, feel, smell or taste Mexico. Bravo Play’n GO, we are really excited about this videoslot!