InstaDebit Casinos 2019 – Deposit and Withdrawal

  • by Lonnie

InstaDebit is an experienced and trustworthy payment service provider for Canadian users, and is also the preferred choice among online gamblers. The difference between InstaDebit and e-Wallets is that you cannot transfer funds directly from your bank to your InstaDebit account. What InstaDebit does instead is to facilitate the transfer between the account and third parties. So all you need to use InstaDebit is an account with any bank.

InstaDebit Casinos – which online casinos accept this payment method? – November 2019

Most online casinos that are also open to Canadian players offer InstaDebit as a payment option for their players. This payment method is particularly popular because no fees are charged for deposits or withdrawals. However, only users with a Canadian account can use InstaDebit Online Casinos.

InstaDebit is available in nearly 30 countries. With InstaDebit you have a very reliable and modern partner at your side who enriches the Fintec world with another option.

It is also possible to receive payments on the InstaDebit account and then pay these payments back to the regular bank account. You can easily connect your InstaDebit account with other e-Wallets (for example PayPal – read more: PayPal Casinos).

InstaDebit Login

To be able to use InstaDebit you have to login first. Registration is free.

You need to provide your bank account information as well as some personal details like name and address, the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SIN) and a valid email address. InstaDebit never asks for the complete SIN. As long as these details are clear and you are at least 18 years old, the account will be activated immediately after verification of account and email.

There are absolutely no fees, and if you don’t want to use the account immediately, you don’t need to enter your bank details directly. Once you have created an InstaDebit account, you will see a small deposit on your regular checking account. This is done to confirm the account. As soon as you see the amount, you have to tell it. Thereupon the account will be activated.

In- and withdrawals with InstaDebit

There is a misunderstanding that InstaDebit works as an e-Wallet, like PayPal but this is not the case. InstaDebit does not allow a direct transfer of credit into the InstaDebit account, but simply moves credit from the current account to third-party providers in a simple way. This allows access to debit cards (see also Maestro Casinos) and credit cards (see also Visa Casinos or MasterCard Casinos), and with InstaDebit move the available credits on it.

All you have to do is select InstaDebit from the payment methods, log into the InstaDebit account and confirm the payment details. InstaDebit will then transfer the money from the account to the online casino. You will immediately receive a confirmation of the transaction and immediately see your deposit in the online casino account. Even if you don’t have an InstaDebit account when you want to make a transaction, you can always do it later, because the account works immediately.

You can of course use the InstaDebit account to cash out your winnings. You only have to check if the online casino accepts both deposits and withdrawals with InstaDebit.

Transfer times with InstaDebit

InstaDebit Payments are processed directly, which means that you get immediate access to the games in the selected online casino. Just as fast you can also count on the Online Casino real money payouts.

Customer service for InstaDebit users

If you encounter a problem with your InstaDebit account one day, you can choose help from a selection of many options. You can send an email to the customer service or chat with the team online. For those, which speak rather on the telephone, there is naturally also a Hotline around the clock is occupied.

Of course every financial company, whether online or offline, is always a delicate matter: users must have absolute confidence when it comes to their money. That’s why customer support is so important, and InstaDebit has managed to convince with superior and competent performance. No matter how you make contact, you can be sure that you won’t be left alone with your questions and problems.

Security in InstaDebit Online Casino

You don’t have to struggle with security for long because InstaDebit really protects all user data and their personal information. If you make a deposit into your InstaDebit online casino account, the casino will not see any card or bank details. This keeps the transaction private and protected. InstaDebit understands that many customers want privacy.

As a result, the payment method is discreet and secure. As with other Finanzdienstleistern InstaDebit must justify itself also before political, economic and independent licensers for its methods and means. Fraud cases can be critical for such a enterprise, therefore also here everything is put to it to encode the lines bombproof and not to abuse or carelessly treat any sensitive data.

InstaDebit fees

The on-line Casino will not actually hoop up fees for the use of InstaDebit, however transaction fees are to be expected with InstaDebit. Although the registration is free, a deposit in the online casino costs 1.95CAD. There are no fees for withdrawals, but it costs 2CAD to move your winnings from your InstaDebit account to your bank account. You should ask your bank beforehand if any fees are to be expected from them.

The favorite games at InstaDebit Online Casino play

We understand that it can sometimes be quite annoying for players to search for online casinos that not only offer super good games, bonuses and offers, but also the preferred payment method. We know what it’s like: everyone has a preference for payments. That’s why we’ve researched the best online casinos for you that not only meet all the basic requirements of our strict criteria, but also offer InstaDebit as a payment option for their Canadian customers.