Judge Dredd Slot: NextGen Gaming in futuristic comic book spectacle

  • by Lonnie

A slot machine made for comic fans! NextGen Gaming has developed the slot machine “Judge Dredd”, which is based on the famous British comic. In 1995 the comic was filmed, starring Sylvester Stallone and Diane Lane. There was another film version in 2012, but it wasn’t as well received as the first film. The plot takes place in a North American city, about 120 years in the future (when the comic was drawn). The people live in huge cities with a very high population because the rest of the earth is a nuclear desert. Judge Dredd is one of the clones who enforce law and order on behalf of the government. He is a mixture of police officer and judge at the same time, because mostly he executes the punishment to the delinquents immediately. From time to time he sounds ominous “I am the law”!

Technical features

Futuristic clothes and doomsday mood are typical for “Judge Dredd”. But of course how one imagined the future and the end of the world in the 80s, because this futurism seems a bit antiquarian.

In the background of the slot machine you can see a megacity, which reaches into the sky, it steams and smokes from all corners. “Judge Dredd”, who is actually a clone, is known for his excellent work and his rational ruthlessness. He owns a giant motorcycle called “Lawmaster” and a pistol with special bullets called “Lawgiver”. In fact, it hears, because it is voice controlled and can only be activated by the fingerprint of the rightful winner. The pistol and the motorcycle can also be found as symbols on the five reels. There is also a green cyber glove, a Dredd police badge, numbers and letters, a skull with black hair and the wild symbol representing Judge Dredd. In the comic you never see Judge Dredd’s face, he wears a helmet all the time. There are 25 pay lines and the bet starts at 0.25 € and you can also hunt mobile criminals. Judge Dredd is also available in all its glory on mobile devices, Apple and Android. Who is too lazy to put the criminals themselves and rather Judge Dredd leaves the work, simply clicks on Autoplay.

Bonuses and winnings

Judge Dredd turns a blind eye to bonuses and winnings. The police badge is the scatter symbol and if you can collect five of them, no matter where on the reels, you get free spins. In these free spins, “Wild” symbols appear randomly, increasing the player’s chances of winning. Very cool is the bonus game, which appears randomly at the Judge Dredd on the left side of the screen. He shoots directly in the player’s direction and smashes the glass with his “Lawgiver”! However, you should be happy if that happens, because that means the player gets a coin bonus that quintuples the stake. If this would only happen when a crazy policeman shoots at you… Go ahead, Judge Dredd!