Kings of Cash Slot: Microgaming with high jackpot and free spins

  • by Lonnie

So you want to be the king of money? Is that why you play slot machines at online casinos? Not a bad idea, but is Kings of Cash from Microgaming the right vehicle? That depends mainly on how high the payout probability is, as well as the highest possible win. And it is precisely these two factors that we will define ourselves in this automated test.

That Kings of Cash is miles away from the competition in terms of presentation is thanks to the lazy graphic designers of software giants Microgaming. Who knows, maybe it was also the management’s arrangement to design a visually embarrassing slot machine. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t play Kings of Cash because of its external qualities.

Technical features

The brightly colored slot machine Kings of Cash awaits us with all sorts of childish symbols. Somehow the first few moments with this video slot reminded us of a bath with squeaky ducks. Whether this is good or bad is up to you. Kings of Cash has 7 standard symbols, a game and a scatter. According to the theme “Kings of Cash” we are dealing with a treasure chest, the throne and a coat of arms, as well as the four kings. There is also the game with the Kings of Cash logo and the scatter with dollar signs. So far, so uninspired.

You are asked to make a bet and spin the reels. You can bet up to 20 coins up to €0.25 on the 15 paylines. So you will be able to bet up to €75, but you can also start with only €0.01. We like the opportunity to be able to implement our ideas of a perfect bet with many gradations very accurately.

For those of you who like to watch the machine and lean back, there is an adjustable autoplay feature. But due to the weak presentation of the machine, Microgaming could have saved itself this feature.

bonuses and winnings

Now to the all-important question: Has Kings of Cash earned its name? We expect very high payouts despite the rather low maximum stake. Can Microgaming deliver and still make us happy?

Our hopes are on the scatter bonus. This is a bonus game to which you will be invited starting with three scatter symbols. The more scatter you get, the bigger the winnings can be. In the bonus game it is then your task to uncover turned over cards. The game ends when three identical cards are revealed. Which cards you uncover determines the winnings at the end. Fortunately, this is up to 1000x the bet, so it is very high.

Kings of Cash is also not squeamish when it comes to free spins. Do you know that when you hang out with millionaires? They like to pay attention to your money, but when they like something, they open the casket. It’s the same with Kings of Cash! With the Free Spin symbols you can get up to 25 Free Spins and thousands of coins.

While the high payouts make us very positive, we couldn’t see any odds anywhere. That is a pity, because we would have liked to know if the eye cancer is actually worth it!

If you are looking for a slot machine with high payouts, you should still take a look at Kings of Cash. Unless you are into beautiful graphics, you will be disappointed by these slot machines.