Orc vs. Elf Slot: Play Real Time Gamings Fantasy Adventure Online

  • by Lonnie

After the release of the third part of the series The Hobbit, it’s not surprising that the iGaming industry is now also dedicating itself to this topic and is releasing a 3D slot machine that deals with the war between the orcs and the elves. But you hadn’t expected this manufacturer! Everyone was waiting for a game from Betsoft or Netent – but Orc vs. Elf™ we owe the RTG Studios! This is the first time this developer has tried 3D slot machines. Orc vs. Elf™ is a masterpiece planned long in advance by RTG Studios. It remains faithful to the original by Tolkien. Experience an adventure full of action and bloodshed, but also lots of brand new features! Real Time Gaming has managed a great coup with this game, which has left a significant impression on the players. Are you as surprised as we are? If that’s not the case, then you don’t know what to expect!

Orks or Elves – who’s going to dominate this slot?

You just have to watch the Orc vs. Elf™ introductory clip to understand what it’s all about. Real Time Gaming has ingeniously reconstructed the epic battle between orcs and elves that takes place in the third part of The Hobbit. The 3D animations are very fluid and the fights are very realistic. The background designs and movements of the protagonists are remarkable. If you like medieval fantasy stories, you’ll spend many entertaining hours on Orc vs. Elf™ – provided you have an excellent internet connection and show patience. Because the new RTG Studios game takes up a lot of memory and you may have to expect longer loading times.

Orc vs Elf™ is a game where two parties face each other and you have to choose one. When the reels appear on the screen, you can discover two completely different realms. Mordor is very depressing, just like in Lord of the Rings. The realm of the elves, on the other hand, is much friendlier and more inviting. Wild fights await you and you have a wide arsenal of weapons at your disposal to get rid of your arch enemies. Axes, lances, bows and arrows, ropes, spears, shields…the list is long and you won’t be resisting a small potion to recharge your batteries in no time at all?

The Orc vs Elf™ slot machine is very advantageous from a budget point of view. The minimum bet is only 25 cents, while the maximum bet is limited to 25€. The bets can be placed manually or automatically, but we recommend that you do this manually for security reasons. You can also win a jackpot of €1,000.

Equip yourself with bonuses for the fight


On Orc vs. Elf™ there are too many bonuses and features to list. Both orcs and elves serve as wild symbols and can therefore replace all symbols associated with their world (for example, an elf cannot replace skulls because they belong to the orc world). One of the highlights of the game takes you directly to the battlefield. In this mini-game you have to stand up to a powerful opponent. To trigger the game, three battlefield icons must appear on your reels beforehand. In addition to the scatter icons, which allow you to increase your income tenfold, you will also find 7 brand new features on the orc side and 7 if you decide to fight on the elven side. These features consist largely of interactive challenges that allow you to earn lots of credits.